Saturday, 16 April 2011

New releases, updates & Photo Contest!

New releases time again at EMO-tions!
First of all, I want to apologize for the lack of pictures in this update, some RL serious events took me away from SL during the week.
Now let's have a look!

Clothings: a whole collection of spring and summer clothes, that you can mix and match according to your own taste and that are out for a very special price! 99L the piece only!
Matching flat shoes are available too!

FEEL skirt (black and red shown)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

FEEL blouse (white and black shown)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

FEEL dresses (purple and dots shown)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

New hairstyles:

Smith, short and unisex...


...Weak Mohawk, unisex as well...


Hair updates:



...Eve II...


...and Eve III are now available in the "Naturals" shade.


Don't forget about EMO-tions photo contest!
Here the rules for your convenience!

Contest Rules & Help
(not for models and assistants of EMO-tions )
show your pic , wearing EMO-tions items on easter !
you can work on photoshop or not .. make it funny or as you like it .. we´re excited !
you can start NOW - until april 20 .
join the contest as follows :

You are permitted to acquire only one photo board.
- People caught cheating will immediately be removed by the owner without notice.
- Anyone trying to manipulate the contest or disturbing it by their actions will be removed and banned.
- The contest host's decisions are always final and there is no discussion about their decisions.
- For further questions contact the host or the owner of the system.

Touch one of the unused photo boards to
join .
The photo board will try to load your profile picture and display it. Once loaded, you can now change it by loading
another photo/texture into it. In order to do that, hold down the CTRL key and drag a picture from your inventory onto
the photo board while holding down the left mouse button. The frame will highlight to red and you can release
the left mouse button. The picture/texture has to be FULLPERM (also for next owner - see bottom of properties page)
due to technical reasons.
If done properly the picture will be displayed and the photo board changes to voting mode.

Changing your picture
To change your picture, touch the sign and you will receive a menu with some options:
- Load Picture: Changes the photo board to picture loading mode. Update your picture by following
the instructions above.
Touch to keep the picture and to proceed to voting mode again. (This will happen
automatically after 2 minutes as well).
- Profile Picture: Tries to load you profile picture onto the photo board. After that it will change to the
"Picture Loading mode". Touch to keep the picture and to proceed to voting
mode again. (This will happen automatically after 2 minutes as well).
If you have disabled "show in search" in your profile, the system will not be able to
acquire your profile picture. On change it will take up to 24 hours until it will be available.
- Close Menu: Closes the menu with no action
- Abandon: Abandon will close the photo board and remove yourself from the contest.

Voting , ( april 20.-25.)
you can vote by clicking on a photo
You can NOT vote for yourself.

Winner selection ( april 25. )

The current 5 top voted are listed on the main display along with their current votes.
The prize will be split to the top three contestants as 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize. On a draw (same amount of votes) there will
be no split of the prize amount - the system internally selects who of them will be 1st or 2nd (e.g. 2nd or 3rd).

The winner names will be announced in open chat and also displayed on the Photo Contest System.

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