Monday 13 September 2010

How to Gift EMO-tions products

Have you ever thought to buy an EMO-tions outfit or hairstyle as a gift for your friends, lover, brother or sister and so on? Yes, you can!
At EMO-tions @ Hell's End you can find the gift zone: gift cards are available in different amounts of money and with many cute boxes to fit every kind of need! Next to the gift card wall you will also find all the info about how to get and redeem them. 

Gift Cards

For your convenience, you can read them here too! 


YOU CAN CHOOSE AMOUNT 300 / 500 / 1000 LD with
several different giftcards for love , wedding, birthday and so on .
i hope you will find a pack for your personal needs ;)

This note card will answer any and all questions you may have, and as always you can send a note card with all your concerns to Elisa Orfan.

Important facts:
■Amount of card will be the face value of the card. Card has the same value of lindens, but cannot be exchanged or redeemed for lindens, only merchandise. We will not refund you the difference if there is any balance after the initial purchase. You can use your balance toward another item by paying the difference. Please include in the note card the transaction history info for the extra payment only. You can get this information from in your transaction history account.
■■ All our products at EMO-tions is No Transfer.
■■■ Please treat the gift cards like you would lindens. EMO-tions will not replace any accidentally deleted cards. NO EXCEPTIONS.

How to redeem gift card:

* Name of person (your sl name) on the redemption note card included with your gift card.

* Name of Item you wish to redeem your card for.

*Rename the note card "your sl name" + gift card.

*Include the actual gift -card-box and the note card (with your name) back in the folder, and send it to Mirja Mills. your items will be
placed inside the folder and returned to you within 48 hours.

*Please ensure your name is spelled correctly.

We at EMO-tions value every customer, and we thank you for choosing EMO-tions for your shopping need.

Thank you again.
Mirja Mills and Management team

For additional support please contact Elisa Orfan.

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